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RSF SpotPhonics

RSF Spotphonics

Broadcast your audio messages straight to your target audience and nowhere else!
Spotphonics offers an innovative sound generation technology designed to target sound like a flashlight creating your virtua reality audio experience. Multiple solutions are offered to address your various application needs. Our products’ refined design answers the latest trends in display technology. Now you can seamlessly deliver your sound exactly where you wan t it!

Another advantageous Spotphonics feature is its long projection distance of intelligible sound (up to 20 meters). Applications include digital signage, points of sale, kiosks, grocery stores, lobbies, parks and museums.

The high directionality of the Spotphonics speakers significantly reduces the noise pollution levels througout your venue, thereby enhancing your visitors’ and clients’ experiences.

  • Higher Quality Sound
  • Reduced Noise Pollution
  • Plug and Play
  • Solid Build
  • Multiple Models
  • Elegant Design
  • Grab Attention
  • Surprise Effects!

The Spotphonics MAX & POWERMAX are orientable speakers that use a swivel-based wall mounting bracket. Their multiple usage possibilities include confining sound to small areas in museums or in stores, and attracting the attention of visitors towards advertising. POWERMAX is ideal for noisy environments or high ceilings.

The Spotphonics STEREOMAX is dual speaker directional sound solution providing a stereo directional sound experience. It can also be used to double sound targeted areas. Like the POWERMAX it is ideal for noisy environments or high ceilings.

The Spotphonics WIDE is a wide-range and powerful speaker intended to be used along advertising boards and digital displays in large malls for example. It is ususally placed on top of the boards and can reach long distances.

RSF MicroSpeaker


The MicroSpeaker range comprises of two differing miniature loudspeaker models that are both very easy to integrate into a dividing wall or various cabinets / shelving.
Regarding the size, this miniature loudspeaker range offers exceptional sound quality.



The OneDAP is a compact audio player specially designed for easy installation in stand alone or centrally controlled situations. Its small size and simple connectivity enables an easy and fast installation. The latest single audio player in the RSF ProDAP product line, the OneDAP benefits from RSF’s long experience of offering extreme reliability, flexibility, and ease of programming. The OneDAP is designed to replace CD players wherever reliability is a requirement.

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